GMA Week 2007 By: Linda Brown

As a people watcher, it was interesting to note as a sat in the Bridge Lounge in the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, TN, the varying shapes and sizes of people as they worked the room during the 2007 GMA Convention April 23-35!

Men came dressed in suits, while others came in well worn, torn at the knees blue jeans and tee shirts. Some had neatly coiffure hair while others had bed heads, dread-locks, and baldheads. Some had scruffy beards and some wore neatly trimmed mustaches and beards.

The women came dressed in varying styles as well: blue jeans, the common bond. Some wore tees and some wore dress shirts. Others wore tunics and others even wore dresses over their jeans coupled with high-heeled pointed toe shoes.

The Barlow Girls came to their press interview wearing the typical jeans along with ribbed sweaters, pullover shirts and tees. They had apparently taken a little more time in preparation as their hair and makeup were deftly done.

Big Daddy Weave worked the breakfast crowd, as did many “hopefuls’! Some were obviously weary, probably having attended the previous night’s showcases which ran way past midnight.

Interviews for some began as early as 8a.m. and went sporadically throughout the day, often ending after 6 p.m. Showcases began again at 7 p.m. and again at 9:30 p.m., so GMA week can be very tiring. A person or band has to be extremely dedicated to their ministry to place themselves on the line like this each year, hoping to expand the field of opportunity to serve God in the days ahead.

I'm racking my brain for a new improved way
To let you know you mean more to me than what I know how to say

HisSong - GMA Week 2007

When one listens to Dennis Humphries of HisSong, one hears a message of overcoming depression. It’s abundantly clear the amount of suffering he has endured, but the journey ends with much success with an uplifting message to others.

Years ago, Dennis was accosted by two thugs who bound him and drove him to his ATM where they robbed him. They pistol-whipped him before leaving him, seriously wounded. A few years later, Dennis’ wife was robbed and shot in the head.

It was during his wife’s seven-month hospitalization, Dennis penned the song “Through Every Storm”. This became especially meaningful following her recovery when he discovered she’d been having an affair. Later, it was revealed she’d had two more affairs and they parted ways. Thus ending one of the most difficult times of his life.

Dennis attributes a strong support group who prayed for him and, also, the late Vestal Goodman of the Happy Goodmans gets a lot of credit for helping him overcome depression and despair.

While watching a Gaither video, Vestal was featured singing “God Walks the Dark Hills”. He states that the Spirit of God began to do a healing in him. He rewound the tape again and again and each time, he received additional healing.

Currently finishing a book dealing with this difficult time in his life, Dennis hopes it helps others who suffer from depression.

Dennis is joined in his singing ministry by Adam Cannon of Illinois who sings baritone and Adam Elrod from Georgia who sings tenor.

Adam C., who joined HisSong a year ago, loves to tell folks about Jesus and loves Southern Gospel music because he believes it gets the Christian message across very clearly.

Adam E. has been singing with HisSong for eleven years and believes ‘music is something you are called to do’. He sang with his family for years and says, “It’s something I love.” He loves gospel music like no other.

The trio will be leaving April 26 for a solid two-week tour to Texas. They minister 240-250 days a year and travel on a 45-foot touring bus driven by the only other person in their entourage, the bus driver!

They faithfully offer altar calls following each concert and their goal is to minister to the lost and hurting.
BY: Linda Brown

I'm racking my brain for a new improved way
To let you know you mean more to me than what I know how to say