Todd Agnew

On a deep quest to follow God whole-heartedly, Todd Agnew has found more then a Savior; he’s found a true friend. Agnew was encouraged at a young age to find a true relationship with God. Consequently, Agnew has delved deep to capture the essence of God, and has put it to music for the world to listen to and yearn for as well. There is a purity to his music as if he was sitting next to God himself, singing to him, showing his love and thankfulness. With his release “Grace Like Rain” Agnew has set himself apart in the genre of Rock Worship.

What you will find impressive about Agnew is his humble attitude. His bohemian lifestyle is refreshing and thought provoking at the same time. Agnew even made a point in the past of not wearing shoes whenever he can, non-conforming in his desire to be true to who he is regardless of what others may feel about him, yet at the same time doesn’t want that to be the focus of his ministry. His most heartfelt aspiration is to be close to God in every area of his life.

Agnew has established himself with his debut album as someone who will be around for a long time to come. With his track “Still Here Waiting” to his first single “This Fragile Breath”, Agnew’s vocals are filled with emotion and depth; his passion for God is so real you hear it captured within every song.
Recently Agnew said, “What is amazing to me is just how faithful God really is! Whatever my need has been, God has provided for me. Whether it was finances or what record label I got signed with, God has opened every door I needed.” Agnew went on to say that he feels his job is to love people and to help people grow to love God. With such a deep love for God, it is no wonder Todd Agnew has been blessed with a “Grace Like Rain.”

By: Kris Brown Gabbitas

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