Krystal Meyers

If there ever was a person to define the term “Rocker Chick”, it would be Krystal Meyers. Her current album is packed full of hip, punchy, sing along songs, starting with “Collide” and ending with “Hallelujah”.
She sings with heart and soul, but still rocks in a way that is refreshing. She started singing at a young age, writing at the age of ten, and since then Krystal has perfected the ability to sing far beyond what you would expect for her young age.
Her debut self titled album was released in 2005 and since that time she has sought to perfect her sound.
Her sophomore project “Dying for a Heart” showcases her strength in her writing skills, and freed her to write about topics that are close to her heart. One being about sexual purity, the song “The Situation” touches on the temptation youth face today, and the struggles that every person has to conquer. Another is, the “Beauty of Grace” which shows us that no matter how many times we falter, God forgives those who truly are repentant. With an attitude of Faith as strong as hers, Krystal is sure to rock harder than ever before, and challenge others to walk with her.
By: Kris Brown Gabbitas

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