Kim Dexter - GMA Week 2007

Wanting to be remembered for ‘her love for Jesus’, Kim Dexter strives to mix motherhood and ministry in such a way as to reach young and old alike.

Kim accepted Christ at age six and around the same time, began taking piano lessons. Soon thereafter she began writing her own songs. She has since written for such artists as Bryan Duncan, Kim Boyce, and many others.

She has written children’s music and wrote, produced, and starred in a children’s video, “Kiss the Son”.

Kim is married to Paul Dexter of TK Records who also produces for Bryan Duncan, Patty Cabiera, and Nicole C. Mullen.

They latest project is “So This Is It” which is a self-proclaimed artsy-pop album filled with songs composed from Kim’s personal experiences.

As a gifted pianist, Kim mostly accompanies herself when she performs. She also utilizes partial tracks and is currently learning guitar.

During 2007 GMA week, Kim was in the midst of a 2 1/2 –week tour throughout the south and southeastern USA, mainly Georgia and Alabama.

She ministers mostly in church-sponsored venues and women’s retreats with varying dates throughout the year which allows her to be a full-time wife and mother. While on the road, it is very convenient for her and her producer-husband Paul to take along 11-month-old daughter, Maggie.

When asked what artist greatly impacted her life, Kim responded quickly with the names of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Keith Green. She inferred Keith’s works inspire her to reach out with her music to touch those who are hurting.
BY: Linda Brown

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