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It’s amazing sometimes what one can learn while during interviews. One fact noted during a 2007 GMA week interview with Sunday Edition was that the surname, Unthank, actually means ‘land stealers’ in English!

This tidbit of information was gleaned from Amy Marie Unthank, daughter of Deon Unthank, owner/manager of Sunday Edition. Amy sings in the trio and her dad classifies her style as ‘country’, while he’s more ‘traditional’ and her brother, Chris, is more ‘soulful’. Quite a combination to find in a trio.

Sunday Edition originally began as a quartet in 1972 but only lasted one year, as three of the members felt led by God to go different directions. One left to become a minister of music, another to Bible College, and another to India as a missionary.

While singing together, the first group won the 1972 Quartet Convention Talent Contest and became one of St. Louis’ most popular groups.

Following the departure of his three partners, Deon joined with his cousin, Janice Lloyd, and his sister, Cheryl, to form a mixed trio. They performed at the National Quartet Convention and placed second.

After three years, the women married and decided to quit to start families. For the next 20 years, Deon ministered in his home church and did solo work. As his children aged, they often joined him in his ministry. He sang with the Southern Gospel group, The Lesters, when Brian Lester was singing with The Goffs.

In 2002, he and his children resurrected Sunday Edition.

Chris attended Toledo University, hoping to become a music director. He decided to do public relations and communications. Those with press passes doing interviews during 2007 GMA week had numerous opportunities to meet Chris as he represented several artists, including Sunday Edition.

Southern Spin Entertainment, Chris’ business, began with ten clients and is now up to 40 and does PR for websites, writes designs and does media bites.

Southern Gospel News.Com is the number one online magazine that receives 11 million hits a month! It is updated daily by Deon’s wife, Sally, with current events and bimonthly reviews of CDs.

Sunday Edition is a non-profit group and will book a concert for a love gift. They sing for the edification of the church and always present the plan of salvation and give an altar call.
BY: Linda Brown

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