The Turning - GMA Week 2007

Four dedicated young men with hearts toward God is one of the best ways to describe the members of the Christian rock group, the Turning. Their story started six years ago when they were in Chattanooga, TN, playing secular music. After three years, their hearts were in strange places and each knew he needed a change.

God spoke to them telling them he wanted them to minister to the body of Christ. He told them to move to Nashville but said He didn’t promise them anything. All four quit their jobs, packed up their wives, and moved to Music City. All attend Crosspointe Church.

The men write their own music and though it’s very arduous, hope to have the debut single, “Out of My Hands”, out in 140 days.

Jeremy Little, 23, plays bass, Jeff Goff, 27, plays drums, Matt Warren, 26, plays guitar, and Jacob McGinnis is lead singer. They believe rock and roll music has a broad market and their desire is to lead at praise and worship camps designed especially for kids, but feel their music can touch all ages.

They were at Rocketown and passing out demos when someone heard them and brought staff out to hear them play. Within 18 months of hitting town, the Turning was signed to Rocketown label.

Although they don’t hold altar calls, they encourage pastors of the churches where they perform to offer altar calls. Their music is designed to open doors for attendees to question and evaluate their lives.

They specifically like two to three day events for a specific group where they hold a live show and two praise and worship sets. They play their music, play, and eat with the kids. Their desire is to cultivate community.
By: Linda Brown and Kris Brown Gabbitas

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